Saturday, May 7, 2011

Test of Posterous


It's a quiet Saturday, and alongside trying to make my Macbook work with its new hard drive (not quite successfully ...but very, very close), I have signed up with Posterous. It gives an easy way to post on blogs, Facebook, Twitter etc. just be sending a single email to 

It makes you its own blog with all the stuff you send it, and formats and forwards your posts, pictures etc to any other accounts you have linked to. 

I don't quite understand exactly what it does, so this is a test, which should appear at various places I've told it to link to. 

And, for good measure, a picture is attached, to see what it does with that. 

Press Send, and then I'll be checking my various accounts to see how it's turned out. 

Oh, and can it recognise colour in this email? And how about a different, big typeface? 

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