Monday, May 9, 2011

Facebook for Dummies reviewed

Facebook For DummiesFacebook For Dummies by Leah Pearlman

Who'd have thought that even dummies would need a 330-page book to tell them how to use Facebook? But this casual Facebook dummy learnt a lot, to add to the superficial know-how he'd acquired without really thinking about it.

So now I can tell you the difference between Pages and Profiles, Lists and Groups, and how to advertise a page (not that I expect I'll ever want to do that). I know a bit about searching on Facebook, tagging photos, and how to adjust privacy setting for apps you use.

I also absorbed some Facebook company culture, through the glimpses into their own lives offered by the authors, present and former Facebook staffers. A lot of it seemed to involve organised games of ultimate frisbee. The authors are so relaxed about privacy that their own Facebook pages are used to illustrate the book.

Although it was only published last year, some of the details of the site are already out of date, and you can never be quite sure which until you're checked.

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