Sunday, May 8, 2011

From email to Posterous to Facebook and Blogger, and on to Twitter - via Twitterfeed


OK, this may be getting a bit too complicated, all in the name of simplicity. 

But following my Posterous experiment yesterday (see previous post, if it appeared where you are reading this), I have made some adjustments. 

Posterous basically worked, except I hadn't connected up my new Facebook Page properly, and while my post successfully appeared on my blog, the tweet about it linked to an automatically-created Posterous blog, which I don't really want to bother with as I already have my Blogger one. 

So this time I have tried to correct the Facebook Page link, and have told Posterous not to send to Twitter: instead I have connected my Blogger to Twitter using Twitterfeed. 

So that's what I'm trying out with this email - which should produce:

- A post on my Posterous blog
- A post on my Blogger blog
- A post on my Facebook page
- A tweet of the Blogger post

...all with one email, which would be great. 

And there's a pic attached for good measure. 

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