Sunday, May 8, 2011

The one-click publisher in action


I think my ultra-efficient publishing system is now working. But after using Twitterfeed instead of Posterous to link direct from Blogger to Twitter (as detailed on my last post), I've made another change for the same reason: 

When I found that the feed to my Facebook Page was also from the Posterous blog (which I don't really want to draw attention to since my Blogger one looks better and has more to offer), I have stopped Posterous from posting to Facebook for me. 

Instead, I have used Notes, an in-house app for the Facebook Page, to take a feed direct from Blogger. 

This will have one further small advantage: I have the ability to write a note on GoodReads, and link it to my Blogger account - which will mean those posts will automatically appear on my Facebook Page and Twitter feed, which would not have happened if I'd left it all to Posterous. 

But Posterous remains the way the whole thing is triggered - through the email I'm sending it now. So, let's see if it's actually working as I think it is.

One other point: both Notes and Twitterfeed only post after they have periodically scanned your blog, which seems to take up to 30 mins for Twitterfeed and a couple of hours for Notes. So the response isn't instant.

The only other way to make the system cover even more ground would be to add LinkedIn, but I'm not sure people really want lots of email updates from LinkedIn, telling them someone they happen to have on their list has said something.

Once it's all set up, I'll have to think of something else to write about. 

Picture is of Omaha, Nebraska.

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