Sunday, August 23, 2015

The cat sat on the map

I like maps, and have carefully kept any that I thought might be useful again one day. But now I have a brilliant app on my Kindle Fire called, on which you can download detailed maps of most countries - and go from a world view to a street view in a couple of seconds. It is quite amazing. So I have reluctantly been weeding out maps to make some space.

I thought I'd have a last look at them before they went off in the recycling box:

 That was when Owen came in from the garden.

 At first he was interested in northern Italy.

But he decided to settle between San Francisco and Dublin.

It wasn't long before he wanted to know what was on the other sides.

And he decided he wanted a taste of California.

Having found his own way home after a couple of weeks without the use of a map, he must have felt they were evidence of our stupidity.

Even with the latest technology, it's hard to beat cat nav.  

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