Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The cliché market

What it says on the tin - SELL
How xxxx is that? - SELL
To be honest - SELL
Back in the day - BUY
The clue is in the name - HOLD
One size fits all - SELL
What part of xxxx do you not understand? - BUY
Cherry-pick - SELL
Tell me about it - HOLD
You know what? - SELL
Customer facing - HOLD
Are you OK there? (the new "Can I help you?") - BUY
I'm running late (why does this sound like less of an offence than simply "I'm late"?) - HOLD
Literally - SELL (I heard someone discussing a TV programme: "I was literally glued to the sofa.")
I was like: "...." - HOLD
I'm on it - BUY
...Whatever - HOLD
Not a problem (the new 'no problem') - HOLD
Back in the day - BUY
No pressure then! - SELL (or preferably BURY)

Where are they now:

Know what I mean?
At the end of the day
Going forward
360 degree

Politicians only: 

Hard-working families
Up and down the country
Schools and hospitals
I take the view that...
Aspiration Nation (cp Trident Gum: Mastication for the Nation)

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