Friday, July 13, 2012

My news feeds on Twitter

I started with six Twitter accounts about tech companies I wanted to keep tabs on:

Apple News: @ap_today
Amazon News: @az_today
Facebook News: @fb_today
Google News: @gg_today
Twitter News: @tw_today
Microsoft News: @ms_today

This is what they used to look like:

After a bit of a redesign, this is what they look like now:

The new design is a relaunch of an experiment I began more than a year ago. Here, in reverse chronological order, are a few things I've written about what I've been up to: 

- Setting up local Twitter accounts, more promising than tech feeds? (5 June 2012)

- First year of the six tech accounts, with less than spectacular results (13 May 2012)

- Growth of my Twitter empire, a report seven weeks into the experiment (9 July 2011)

- First signs of slowing growth, three weeks in (17 June 2011)

- The experiment explained, a few days in (31 May 2011)


I've been playing with the logos and design, and have a new style that makes them a different shape from the default Twitter square with rounded edges. Now they look like this: 

Next job is to improve the feeds, so what the accounts actually tweet will be more worth having. 

LATEST UPDATE (Sept 2nd 2012): 

I use Twitterfeed to create the tweets, but am changing from an RSS from Yahoo News, to one from Google News. I have a feeling it produces more and better results. So far, I have made the change on the Amazon, Twitter and Google accounts, but will gradually get round to doing them all. For instance, the Google News RSS is this:,+larry+page,+maps,+gmail,+youtube,+eric+schmidt,+google+drive,+google+search,+page+rank&as_occt=any&as_qdr=a&authuser=0&q=google+sergey+OR+brin,+OR+larry+OR+page,+OR+maps,+OR+gmail,+OR+youtube,+OR+eric+OR+schmidt,+OR+google+OR+drive,+OR+google+OR+search,+OR+page+OR+rank&um=1&ie=UTF-8&output=rss

If you paste that into your browser, you can see the various 'ands' and 'ors' I have selected. It's a pretty arbitrary choice, but I think the results are pretty good.

I'm monitoring the effects on follower numbers. The redesign didn't seem to do much, but the improved feed shows signs of increasing numbers.  

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