Friday, June 22, 2012

The Pinterest files

Here's a collection of stuff I've written about Pinterest, starting with the most recent:

1. Popular? I spoke too soon.

2. Why I'm suddenly so popular on Pinterest (June 18 2012)

3. What does Pinterest users' favourite colour say about them? (March 4 2012)

4. Getting hooked on Pinterest (Feb 20 2012)

5. For the BBC College of Journalism: Test driving the latest self-expression engine (Feb 10 2012)

And here are a few other bits and pieces about it:

Mark Zuckerberg's Pinterest account

Pinreach measures your Pinterest clout. It offers the exciting news that my Pinterest account (second from left, below) has a higher score than NBC News:

- Influential blog post from Business Insider about copyright fears re pinning

- More recent blog warning of copyright issues re Pinterest, with some useful references

- Report on interview with Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann

- If you have an answer to my question "How come when I start a Pinterest board it immediately has 600 followers?", which I posted on Quora, please add it here, because nobody else has at the time of writing... Thanks!

- Finally, in case you haven't come here from it, this is my Pinterest home page.

PS: If you are interested in Pinterest experiments, you might also be interested in my Twitter experiments, which are somewhat like this: read about my attempts to build a Twitter empire with no real work are here

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