Monday, December 19, 2011

Who's in charge of maths at Tesco online?

Exhibit A:

You mean I could have ordered 'none'? 

Exhibit B:

Red napkins come under 'The Big Price Drop', which is why they are £1.23, and not £1.25. Buy now ....these crazy prices can't last.

Exhibit C:

Now that's more like it: 'The Big Price Drop' has reduced these sausages from £1.60 to £0.00. Unfortunately, nobody told the people who actually charge you, and they're costing me £1.45.

Despite all this, I like Tesco - because the people who deliver the stuff are invariably cheerful and friendly, and if they don't turn up at the appointed hour, you can actually ring up and speak to someone who will find out very quickly what's happening. 

I particularly liked the man who came recently and said he didn't believe in all this internet shopping, and always preferred to check what he was buying himself instead of letting other people pick his veg for him. I begged to differ. 

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