Monday, June 6, 2011

How I'm building my Twitter empire

It's just over a week since I set up six business news feeds on Twitter, each covering a different tech business - as a I wrote about here.

Since then, the number of followers on my Twitter accounts has doubled - to 76 (see below). Not a massive number, but the point of the experiment was to see how far I could get in building an audience without actually producing any original content: all the Tweets are generated automatically through RSS feeds from Google searches for the names of the respective businesses. 
I've written about it in more detail on my BBC blog here

Now I'm wondering whether other subjects might work better with the same treatment. What's needed is a subject that can be easily specified by a single word. So Twitter, Microsoft, Facebook or Google are companies, words and subjects that people might be interested in hearing about. Amazon and Apple don't work so well because a news search for either word is likely to produce much news beyond the world of the tech businesses. 

I'm wondering about a collection of news feeds about universities: a story with "Oxford University" or "University of Oxford" would perhaps find an audience. Any thoughts about other subject areas would be welcome.

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